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Professional Umpire development course


RO40 is a Non-Profit Organization created with the end goal of positively impacting Puerto Rican and Latin American communities by providing fundamental training to aspiring umpires regardless of their skills.


RO40's objective is to provide valuable life skills through the umpiring profession which will benefit individuals in both their personal and professional lives, while making them positive role models and contributing members of society. 

Our mission is to give back to local communities and be a catalyst for individuals to reach their dreams and aspirations through hard work and determination

dreams are the
result of hard work and dertimination



"RO40 has always been a lifelong dream. A dream that only became reality because of hard work, determination and the help people gave me along my journey.  My goal now is to give back to the community and profession that has made me who I am today.  There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying in life than helping others."

-Roberto Ortiz #40

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