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What We Offer

Our Training and Development Camp is designed to provide you with basic fundamental knowledge of umpiring under the 2 man system.  Although not inclusive this fundamental course is designed to provide you with the basic skills required for you to get on a diamond and umpire with confidence and a better understanding of the game and its requirements.





RO40 focuses on the fundamental umpire training required which includes but is not limited to: umpire mechanics, plate work, strike zone knowledge, rules knowledge and application, game management, handling situations and much more.


Our training is conducted at the Puerto Rican Baseball Academy with access to all amenities for a positive and all around productive experience and learning environment.


RO40 students will have the ability to network with partnered umpire associations which in turn will provide the students the opportunity to generate income.


RO40 students will be able to use modern newly created technology to enhance their ball and strike zone knowledge and understanding.


RO40 instructor experience ranges from the Collegiate level all the way up to Professional Baseball. Our instructors are hands on and will provide immediate feedback to our students in all aspects of the training provided. 


RO40 students will be provided with free meals and beverages while attending the training course.


RO40 will award its top performing student a paid scholarship to an up and coming MLB Professional Umpire Identification Camp.  This will allow the student the opportunity to be selected to attend the Professional Umpire Academy with potential job placement in Major League Baseball.

Never let anyone tell you things are impossible, they are only impossible if you never even try


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