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Robert Medina

Vocal Member

Robert Medina has a Bachelor's in Science in communication with management, Sales & Marketing. Robert started umpiring at the age of 15 and holds the distinction of being the youngest professional umpire to come out of Puerto Rico. In 2004 he was awarded a full scholorship to attend the Jim Evans Professional MLB Umpire Academy, the same year he went pro. His accomplishments include:

• 2005 Jim Evans Academy - Honor Graduate

• 2006 Major League Baseball Umpire Camp - Instructor – Compton, California

• 2006-2012 Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpire Instructor

• 2008- Puerto Rico Umpire Academy Instructor

• 2009 Puerto Rico Umpire Academy Instructor

• 2005 – 2010 Minor League baseball Umpire

• 2010-2012 – Liga de Baseball Professional Roberto Clemente

• 2012-2015 Federación de Baseball de Puerto Rico

Robert Medina
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